Custom T-shirts

Custom T-shirts guide by VizzyBrand

Custom  T-shirts are fun, but they can be downright frustrating to order! There is so much information that you need to know when ordering custom shirts.

So here is  your new guidebook! This is by no means everything there is to know, nor is it justification to not work with a professional. This is just a guideline to help you plan out the big steps!

First let’s talk about the shirts themselves. You can get 100% cotton, 100% poly and a variety of blends.

A 100% cotton shirt will tend to be your least expensive t-shirt. It is also a warmer shirt as it does not breath well. You cannot do Dye Sublimation on a cotton shirt, but you will need cotton if you want to use Water Based Inks.

Poly shirts will tend to be to more costly shirts, and these will be where you will find “wicking” shirts. Here’s the thing about wicking shirts – they are not all created equal!

A good wicking T-shirt will be 100% poly, and best yet will be treated with an antibacterial agent. If it does not have the antibacterial agent it will begin to collect body odor in a short period of time and then extra money you spent on the custom t-shirts for event is down the drain and wasted (not good)!

Be on your guard when looking for wicking shirts. If it is not 100% poly it will be a sweat bomb! If it is not treated with an antibacterial agent it will have a short shelf life. Don’t waste your money on fakes!

You will need a 100% poly shirt if you are thinking of doing Dye Sublimation, but you will not be able to use water based inks with a poly shirt.

Blended Custom T-shirts are your mid-priced, multi-purpose shirts. They don’t shrink, but that’s about the only advantage that they have over a cotton shirt. If screen printing you custom T-shirt, you will be stuck with using plastisol, which also does not breath. good for a large single use event where you need to keep you cost down.

I think that’s enough for today. I will go into decoration tomorrow.