Custom Website for $200

Simple Starter Website Design


This is the basic portion of our website package.

Select this option to start, and then add any extras that you need!

Product Description

Simple Starter Website Design:

Contains 3 pages (Home, About and contact), all images free, stock or provided. No written content by website designer.

Works well when you just need a site to be optimized for a few words. Can use as landing and/or redirect pages to another site.

This is the exact same framework that we use for the larger sites, and is a great way to grow your online presence!

Just $200 and $50 per month with $29 edits!


Add any extra pages or features you may need, hosting and edit prices stay the same!

Prices are based on a two year agreement. Prices will not change during that time, and after that your agreement continues on a month-to-month basis.

To read the full agreement details, download a copy of the website agreement.